Tuesday, 29 January 2013

brilliant birds

I love birds.  All types of birds.  From the humble British garden bird to the flamboyant and tropical birds of paradise. 

Birds have always fascinated me and I have grown up with a great love for them.  I think this was mainly due to my dads enthusiasm for them.  When I was little we would take trips to Bempton cliffs to watch the puffins most years, my dad set up a camera in my bedroom so I could take photos of the birds in the garden and I would spend hours copying pictures of birds out of wildlife books.  The bird garden at Lotherton Hall (near Leeds) is still one of my favourite places to go.

Birds feature quite a lot in my illustration work, the colour and variety of them, not to mention their habitats, are an endless source of inspiration.  Parrots, owls, penguins, peacocks and flamingos are some of my favourites to illustrate.

Below are three of my most recent illustrations of birds (which I am hoping to make available as prints in my shop soon) and it just so happens that this weeks Illustration Friday theme is Wings so it seemed like the perfect time to share them with you and submit my illustration this week!


  1. Love your brilliant colours and the life and character you bring to your birds! I think there is a lot of chitter chatter going on in that top one. Looks like a big old bird gossip!!

  2. I especially love the first illustration! Your birds are so full of personality! Love the vibrant colors as well :)