Saturday, 15 June 2013


Do you have a collection?  I thought about this one and while I don't "collect" things, there are things that I have a lot of, so I suppose you could call that a collection.

Some things I currently have a lot of:
  • Picture books: I began buying picture books when I was studying at university and I haven't really stopped since.
  • Momiji dolls: These have been bought for me as gifts and I have now built up quite a collection.
  • Animation DVDs: From Disney and Studio Ghibli - one day I will own them all!
 Recently I have been buying a lot of house plants, succulents in particular.  Succulents are great plants to have as they are easy to look after and there is a huge variety.

I went around a few garden centres looking for succulents but I often found them to be quite limited and very expensive.  It turns out one of the best places to get large, good value succulents from is Ikea.  And their pots are great too.

Another great thing about succulents is, as they grow, you can split them down and get more plants for free!  I try to re-purpose things where I can so I have planted some of the smaller plants in empty Nutella jars.

I am gradually filling up every corner of our house with potted plants and very soon I will run out of room!

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