Sunday, 27 January 2013

52 creative projects

At the start of the new year I was looking for a challenge to complete during 2013.  I thought about doing a daily challenge, such as a daily doodle, but the thought of committing to doing something every day was a little daunting.  Things always seem to get in the way and before you know it you are 10 days behind with no hope of catching up!

Instead I thought about doing one thing every week, so I have set myself the challenge of completing 52 creative projects throughout the year.  These could be things for myself, friends or family.  They could be quick projects that can be finished in an afternoon or something bigger.  By doing one thing a week it is much more flexible.

For week one I have started a Good Things Jar.  I first saw thing on Kate Gabrielle's blog Scathingly Brilliant and I decided to give it ago and as someone who had never kept a diary I thought that this was a nice alternative.

Throughout the year I will right down all the good things that happen, the big things, the little things and any nice things people say.

At the end of the year I am aiming to go back through the jar and along with photographs that I have taken create a scrapbook of the year in review (which will become project 52).

Such a simple idea and really easy to do, just get a jar or bottle, cut up some little cards and write away!

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