Monday, 18 February 2013

52 creative projects: 4/52 - favourite places

For this project I have continued with the theme of DIY art for the walls of our house.

For this one I wanted to show some of our favourite places. I spent a while looking for the right kind of frame for this project and ended up buying a couple of picture frames from Ikea (the other is used in another project).  When I knew what size frame I was working with I then found some maps of the places I wanted to use.  Then using the Photoshop custom shape tool I created heart shaped sections of map, printed them out and popped them in the frame using the mount that came with it.

I love this idea and we can always change the images in the frames as we discover new places.


  1. You could of used a mount with heart shaped windows

  2. LOVE this! Where did you get the maps? Online? How did you get the cities to be centered?