Monday, 18 February 2013

52 creative projects: 5/52 - journey map

This project is along a similar theme as the fourth project.  I had bought two of the same frames and was planning on hanging them together.  This time I wanted to make something for Dan.

In 2011 Dan went on a motorbike road trip to Germany with a group of his friends, the Bratwurst Blitz.  Even though he had a broken tumb and couldn't ride his own bike it is one of the most memorable experiences of his life.  I wanted to do something to record his trip other than the customary photo albums (which he has).

So I printed off a map of the UK and Northern Europe and asked him to mark out (roughly) the route that they had taken to get to Germany.

Once he had done that I hand embroidered the route and put it in the frame, along with photographs of him and his friends from the trip.

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